Debonair Wit

by Notebook Noise

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Debonair Wit is the jacked-up and remixed after-party for the 2008 release of Snares, Hooks and Rhymebooks. Snares was 'strictly business' and a labor of love, and with that CD still burning into 2016, the new cover art on Debonair Wit shows us John and Notes back at the office getting things done. Wit is free, as it should be because it was just that much fun to make. Box Track is rated R, otherwise it's all cartoons and cake. Peace y'all


released August 21, 2009

Debonair Wit recorded, mixed and produced by Johnny Cosmic at Melody Sunrise Studio

Executive Producer: J. Mroz

Lyrics written by Jeff Mroz (except where noted)

Music written by John Gray (except where noted)

Artwork by Cherice Campbell



all rights reserved


Notebook Noise Chicago

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Track Name: Nuclear Dro
As epic as the blank page taunting my snarl, my notebooks like Lenny and my pen is like Carl. You ain’t ever gon’ believe what Ned had said, he told Rod to skip Todd and pass to him instead. They were with poor sad Kirk Van Houten, Now Flanders did his best but Kirk was still poutin’. Bart and Millhouse watched it from Ned’s yellow submarine, Homer only gets drunk and your dad goes green. Millhouse started feelin’ like he was pretty cool, He couldn’t wait to brag the next day at school. Then Bart reminded him about Otto in his attic, when he was with Homer and Marge was causin’ static. They were up there puffin’ on that Nuclear Dro, and she would much rather see Homer drunk with Moe. And I’m guessin’ that’s because he is also a surgeon, I’m off to Kwik-E-Mart it’s time to do some splurging’. Butter up that Bacon Boy Butter up that Bacon Bacon. I grab my six pack of Duff and my change from Apu, Then in walked Snake the famous one man crew (Ha Ha). Give me all your blunts, I wanna roll some bombers, I just ganked a QP off of Superintendent Chalmers. Then he pulled out a bag of sticky green and orange hairs, Told me I could come cos’ I wasn’t holdin’ foreign beers. And then he asked if I knew Selma and Patty, They got RDA and they wanna smoke a fatty. I got nothing against MacGyver but that party sounded lame, So of course I’m gonna gank him he don’t even know my name. Before I knew it Jimbo Jones had him on the ground, Cos’ he’s the one who fronted Chalmers the quarter pound. Put his foot on his chest I ain’t no Shelbyville sucker, And now ya know I aint no Capitol City clucker. I’m Jimbo Jones nobody smokes for free, even Chief Wiggum has to come through me. Butter up that Bacon Boy… I sidle pass Kearney and tap Jimbo on the shoulder, what’s it gonna take to be that green bag holder? He said 14 plus my sixer of Duff, I got no problem with the beer but 14 sounded rough. I told him 12 hundo was as high as I’d go, and I’d cop the same tomorrow so you know this aint show. From two towns over my nickname’s Mr. Slate, I aint no Barney Rubble I move serious weight. He said talks cheep and he needed to hear cash, I point to the Canyonero it’s sittin’ on the dash. I hop in the front seat I’m bout to grab the money, Then I see Nelson and Dolph and I start feelin funny. I started up the truck I’m not about to get jacked, If they come any closer little Jimbo is getting smacked. Just then Snake ran out holdin’ up his heaters, I punched Jimbo in the eye and grabbed the weed from his dick beaters. Butter it again…
Track Name: Eagerly Beavered
Everybody move back, don’t sing along, I don’t want this to be your new favorite song, I don’t wanna tell ya how you’re feelin’ today, So don’t put any weight in anything I say. Eagerly beavered I’ll be damned, my wood got wet, Mother earth got jammed. Distraction from a lookie-lou while the pocket man is pickin’ you. Slim slickery he’s a bit of an eel, Squirmy worm with a slippery feel. Sly bugger and thought quite nefarious, Fairytale but the query is quite serious. Dim but day lit cast the face shadow, Blur to the world he wore his cap mad low. Footsteps, street sounds muddy water coffee ground at the bottom of two cups sit’s the dregs, like the last few seeds from a bag of regs. It aint dank cos’ that’s a whole other thing, Do you get your fresh water from the sewer or the spring. Where did you come from and how did you make it? What have you been building how fast can we break it? F the crate in 08’ I’m living outside the box, I’m opposite George with my new building blocks. Drop it right down like a burger on a grill, don’t move to fast and don’t stand still. I’ve said a lot of things and I’ve paid a lot of mind, damaged ear drums for this gift of grind. It’s not fair trade if you weren’t told the consequence, the compromise to promise lies just never seemed to make sense. I may or may not choose to run, But like Wayne and Bird like my daddy I stun’ (stuntin’ like my daddy). That’s ridiculous that’s a whole lotta gash, this aint your mom and dad’s it’s a whole other stash. So what’s up what’s good how is it? How longs it been since the last bad visit? Everybody move back…
Track Name: The Art of Throwing Ft. KnowledgeBorn07
You might access the axis of my prime meridian, but you won’t ever hear some kid sayin’ Noise is on some shit again. Rhymes irregular but rhyme thought comparable, Now 07 and I are inner twinned on a parable. Right and left ears for the headphones placement, the only thing cliché is that I’m rhyming in a basement. Call it the dank cellar the way we hang crop, once you hit it one time son the high won’t stop. The stress of my day finds balance on a track, the ears go side to side and we rhyme front to back. Side to side front to back is a nice revolution, and we’re rhyming brick to brick for this heightened institution. That’s language that’s life that’s everything heart, nobody cares if it’s sharp if the darts not smart. Stay humble stay focused stay all things true, Yo peace Knowledge microphone check one-two. Without our headphones we feel kinda schitzo, without that prime meridian our equators wouldn’t sit so, we rhyme lime green so hit our tracks like joints, Here at the reckoning we give darts points.


Stay upon my axis, when we rhyme it’s like mathematics, never fallin' off the track it’s like tongue twisting acrobatics, flipping words straight from the soul to change the state of mind behold, you too can have control as long as you can shape and mold using art to relieve tension that demands the crowd’s attention not pretending what is mentioned over tracks for intervention positive is how we keep for the youths so they can reap it not forgetting how we're free its beautiful to live so be it, if you can think it then you’re ablelay your cards down on the table, if you’re stuck then listen upcause this could be your jumper cables, I felt just like Clark Gable when it happened one night, photographically my mind reminds my stomach of that appetite, I couldn’t put down that mic so now I dance over these beats chanting down racists plagues who hide behind their white sheets coalescing nations to be patient when I write my pen just bleeds heart and soul I shape and mold so when I go you'll still have feet
Track Name: Hookery Dumbin'
It was my best or my worst that’s the way I went to it, High on love drunk on dumb and often bent through it. Wide eyed and a whole lot of gusto, Short on time we were always in a rush so… Uh oh here we go we’re short on time again, if just seconds more I’d be fine with ten. Take that away that’s your pocket pleasure, save that for later that’s your sunken treasure. You’re getting all the way wet to get that back, just like ’Spin Around’ you were my go ahead track. Now that’s lucky that’s an awful lot of good, or is that hard work with the right amount of wood? If we can twist this fate and we can spark this fire, we can get this lot a whole lot higher. So hit it one-two one-two and hope it’s not a creeper, it’s been a steady climb and it’s only getting steeper. By all means available get those fans, hook ’em right to the vat and forget those cans, by all means available get that real, hook ’em right to the heart so they can feel that real. You can slow down now but there’s no more breaks, you can make repairs but make no mistakes. From here on everything is constant motion and every montage will be by Billie Ocean. The going will get tough and the tough will get going, Supporters will agree its good how you’re growing. Or maybe they won’t and that’ll be its end, Once thought classic goes pop culture trend. Trivia question you’ll always be at game night, who liked it more? It’ll always be the same fight. So what’s good besides everything I serve? And what’s the golden rule without all you deserve? I guess that’s life with all its words, Everybody’s different and then there’s nerds. Pass it one-two one-two and hope it’s not a sleeper, it’s been a long story and it’s only getting deeper. By all means available… Imma let go now my wings have grown, I’m full of season my colors have shown. There aint no rain that could puddle this mud, and there aint no sun that could dry this blood. By all means available and every element, the money aint none if the hearts not content. By all means available hug that line, you gon’ find that balance you gon’ be just fine.
Track Name: High Times
Here we go smack clack two whole dollars one for your forehead and one for your back smack. Oh no Noise is rhyming dirty, don’t leave your girl around or she gon’ get hot and flirty. Yeah right bald skinny and 5’6, No wonder he tatted up his tooth picks. Metaphors debonair on the rhyme, Rockin’ stoned college students like CD’s by Sublime. Is that the last beer is it mines or yours? Go ahead and take it drunk spinning floors. I keep more rhyme than that hydro keeps crystals, or heat wave summer time fills water pistols. Imma say it slick without and with the EE, First I’ll say quick and then I’ll say quickly. I call ‘em booger mouth cos’ they rhyme all crusty, they got that Pledge rap and they rhyme all dusty. High Times vs. the corner baggy blues, there’s cause and effect in everything you choose. High Times vs. the corner baggy blues, Are you the elite fleet or still paying dues? High Times vs. the corner baggy blues, Unafraid of life and unafraid to lose. High Times vs. the corner baggy blues, High Times it goes High Times. Rhyming in a wayward manner, I like my Bob Saget less Danny Tanner. I like my Kirstie Alley about 20lbs wider, I’m trying to get famous so I could maybe get inside her. Sorry if that sound wrong and yous a lady viewer, Let me take two lines to get my mind out the sewer. A manure skewer is a shit sticker, I’m a truer doer and a little quicker. Like breathing and other such daily chores, I keep trying to find a way to unlock doors. Write rhymes like it’s the final draft, Unafraid to edit cos’ its part of the craft. My name is Thaddeus I’m gonna get duskets, Get a brand new Benz and fill it up with buskets. Say what ya want I get repeat traffic, was never good at art I had to make rhymes graphic. High Times… I’m saying calm my soul and awaken my heart, I’m saying cool this rage and God bless this start. Scratch my wood and get up outta bed, Repeat that prayer and try and level my head. Take the ritual and make it into regiment, every step and breath are taken with the same intent. Find a way to live and a better way to win, against the penance and price and the debt of sin. Clean slate is often too unattainable, when negative thought is so damn sustainable. Everybody’s hustling and most of us are running red, Running hot and the tires are losing tread. Live within your means meaning live with less, that might help the world but that’s just my guess. Slow way down I’m saying slow way down everybody’s gotta slow way down.
Track Name: Nerd Word Nook ft. P.Tugz, Phillip Morris, Tim Bologna
The subject matter is not always the same, there is canvas art and the art out of the frame. If the medium starts to get too large, then the venue gets bigger and so goes the charge. Supply and demand of the art supply, Keep the fruit fresh, but never too up high. Don't let em' get it before it's ripe, and always stay on the better side of hype. Crossword clever, might take ya a bit, No debonair gear here, had to pick wit. Up in the studio workin from the beat seat, Mother Brain, Melody...Sunrise beat suite. No lab coat but it'd be cool to wear a tie, you can go to hell and you can just die. Butt-scratcher, butt-scratcher one dollar, Boy that Lois gets me hot under the collar. From outerspace denizen, to cartoon poon, most potent medicine found on the spoon, from innerspace requiem, to rhymebook hook, most potent flows from the nerd word nook.


In the northwest suburbs, born in rain. On the microphone is how I usually get paid. Barely making ends meet, somehow supporting all my habits, baggin' up the haters will that be paper or plastic? I’m old school like no fear, and headgear. Growing pains from families feuding it’s a full house Mr.Belvedere Here’s the spoon plug your nose so you don’t taste this…Tupac’s still alive and he’s living in my basement. Abracadabra you’re my only friend abazaba, always got a birds eye, there’s no need for that ladder. Nice car it don’t matter cause I’m leasing a Saturn. Hunting for the cougars, I got a sack full of panthers. No manners…yes…that’s us right here! Flipped birds in the mirror are much closer than they appear. It’s the Mother Brain Zoo…I thought you knew, let the hook ride while I drop the kids off at the pool

(Phillip Morris)

Life's truly a bitch, I found a niche like Nietzsche while staring into the abyss, I've got an itch to scratch and a bone to pick swollen wrists, check the way the microphone is gripped it's a black man with white knuckles, a right to the stomach, who knows? You might buckle. I sound exactly like trouble, you might double back when I’m keepin' it poppin' like bubble wrap (Fuck is that?) You can have the upper hand, I’m underhanded anyways, you already know that I don't fight fair. I plant chronic in your kids lunchboxes, anonymously calling the cops it's obnoxious (what the blood clot?) run Mach 6 lyrics collide inside of this mindless mosh pit, fuck being diplomatic, perdition is tragic, but your plan's gettin' shot down like Crispus Attucks

(Timmy B)

if I were you, I’d go ahead and smash my glasses, kick my ass, hand me an aspirin, call me a fat kid. Wasn’t ready for the wedgy. ya was sendin' my Hanes up my ass-crack, just cause I was trendy and lame. Couldn’t extract that, in fact, yo they been there all day. Gotta stinker on my finger, go to flip her the bird, instead I flick her some turds, word? Learn later that a fat cracka is a happy masturbator with Cheetos cheese dust on deez nuts. Perpetually perverted, nerdy, flirtin' with the dirty, purdy girlies in their early thirties. No worry, no need to be shook. Why? Notebook Noise breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, P.Tugz breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, Phillip Morris breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, Wigum breakin' buds on the nerd word nook.
Track Name: Super Nintendo Chalmers (Nuclear Dro-ish)
They shot him from a catapult his name is Rex Banner, now he sits outside of Springfield with a police scanner. On this particular day he heard Wiggum on the wire, there was a move on Jimbo he and Snake came under fire. Then his phone started ringing it was my homeboy Lyle, You might remember him from his smooth-talker style. It’s been a couple years since his last monorail, now its Nuclear Dro homegrown retail. In my backyard here comes some flying dude, It was me, Lyle and James Taylor bonging a lude. He crashed into a tree and then saw stars and birds, now I’m no Ben Linus but I got a way with words. My name is Dodger Mitchell have you ever heard of Dro, Cos if you haven’t Banner then I’m someone you should know. Welcome to North Haverbrook how was your flight, if you’ve never gotten Nuclear homeboy it’s your night. Nuclear Dro fresh yes ya’ll, Debonair wit of a young Mort Sahl, Shake harder boy shake harder Wha, Shake harder boy shake harder Wha, Super Nintendo Chalmers, Super Nintendo Chalmers Chalmers, Super Nintendo Chalmers Wha Chalmers Wha Chalmers. I got a lime Green Canyonero sitting on 23’s, But I’m not really at war with Springfield O.G’s. I call up my homeboys to tell em what the score is, Use extreme caution however you explore this. I called up Lyle and told him what to tell Rex, Tell him go see Herman tell him grab two techs. Then meet me at the safe house in North Haverbrook, but first remind Jones how he got took. He said roger Dodger then he hung up the phone. I called James Taylor for the Canyonero clone. His was lowered his was dark green and new, we would switch rims in Shelbyville then paint mine blue. A call to chief Wiggum was the last one made, Jimbo just went down Rex will be the next played. Snake took it from Chalmers, Jones narced on you. That was my Canyonero and my QP too. Nuclear Dro fresh yes ya’ll… My Springfield identity is not hard to find, true my last name is Mitchell but I’m really not blind. I live between grow houses throughout the year, but the day this happened I was in my Haverbrook gear. Jimbo couldn’t know he was about to bite my hand, I took every step it was perfectly planned. Chalmers lost the Dro cos I paid Snake to do the do, Kwik-E-Mart would be the drop and I made sure Jimbo knew. Lyle is the one who fronts Jones his weight, and his Kwik-E-Mart actions have sealed his fate. Lyle is my second but that Banner is a mark, Jones would feed Snake and then we’d give the chief the narc. Ever since the day Banner fell from the sky, to do Jimbo and Wiggum Rex would be my guy. Banner had two techs I told Wiggum where to bust him, And Jimbo had to go cos I just couldn’t trust him. Nuclear Dro fresh yes ya’ll…
Track Name: Trippin' Out
Frontin’ like I two-step she got me on the dance floor, Asked for a sip and I was like yeah sure. She was like damn that tasted good, wont you buy me one I wish you would. I was like sure let’s get you a glass. Take me to the bar I’ll follow that Aaaa. As we approached she was hugging my waist, Can’t believe this girl this angel I faced. I was kinda hopin’ that we could maybe kick it maybe some night outside of this bar, and she said yeah and I was just hoping that maybe you don’t live too far. It’s funny we met when this song was playin', and it’s funny I love everything you’re sayin’. So what’s up girl you’re my angel right? If this stays cool how bout a kiss goodnight? This girls got me trippin' out, trippin' out her hair her look her eyes her smile this girls got me going wild. Soooo do you want another drink should I get another glass, She was like no that’s cool I’ll pass. But maybe after you dance with me, that’ll indicate what the chance might be. I said the chance of what are starting to get cocky, that’s real cute girl you trying to knock me. I guess that drink came with muscle, Bit her bottom lip ready to tussle I was kinda hopin’ that we could maybe kick it maybe some night outside of this bar, And she said yeah and I was just hoping that maybe you don’t live too far. It’s funny we met when this song was playin', and it’s funny I love everything you’re sayin’. So what’s up girl you’re my angel right? If this stays cool how bout a kiss goodnight?
Track Name: Box Track
06 Impala woofers in the back, she shakin’ it the same watch that ass go smack. Nails like rims her press on's shine, Gotta tattoo on her ass and it read ‘gets mine’. She was built like Ask This Old House, Short plaid skirt and a see thru blouse. Box track money baby one track mind, so wait you’re at work and I pay for the grind? Yeah that’s right in that room over there, and then she leaned in and purred in my ear. And I was like, uh? What the hell did that mean, she said you only came for the cat and I only stay for the green. Alright baby I respect that thought, but how bout you check out the girls that I brought. Put a stripper on that woofer, watch the box get wet, box get wet. She clucked back what kinda mess you talkin’? My woofers in the truck make strippers start squawkin’. 05 H1 riding with a fifth shoe, Just in case I flatten one of the other 22. I got 2 15’s and a really nice amp, and all the box track love keeps the thangs damp. So just like the gym girl wipe off your machine, And when the 15 thump feel free to make a scene. She goes wait hold up what’s an H1? I got 12’s in my trunk, 15’s sound more fun. H1 as in H2 or 3, I got a pole in the back of my Humvee. She used to dance in the go-go cage, now she a headliner on the main stage. Snappin’ her heels across the parking lot, to see if my 15’s can work that spot. Put a stripper on that woofer, watch the box get wet.
Track Name: Know Who's On The Mound ft. M.C-Biscuit
Word up you gotta know who’s on the mound, will it hit that catcher’s mitt or will it make that crack sound. Cross town classic, black and blue El rides, I don’t talk a lot of smack but Imma rep Southside/Northside. We had that 05 drive I’ll admit you got it worse, want some cheese for that wine and that 100 year curse. Maybe you’re jealous cos you can’t tailgate, thank God Piniella came to change your fate. Split the city we got two ball clubs, Good guys wear black and the other one’s sCrUBS. Beer here and find a girl to Fukudome, Over at the cell your girl might say socket Thome.


Go ahead say the Cubs suck, Listen to me cos I don’t really give a. You gotta learn how to lose before ya win the big one, the righteous north will conquer you will feel it when it’s done. And then my Southside friend you will see with your eyes, that the purest Cubby blue you will definitely recognize. Oops but don’t cry, dry your eye, Here comes your mamma with those Northside guys.
Track Name: If I Fall (Asa Phelps Remix)
Most times I look quite scary, this hardened scowl has grown old and weary. Tongue-tied and tired, troubled and tattooed. This chip on my shoulder has been shattered and reglued. Too many pieces to number and file, I never thought asshole would adjunct my style. I never thought once I would hate so much of you. I never thought once, you’d feel the same way too. It’s three in the morning and I still can’t sleep. My move around the rosary is three laps deep. I’m going back and forth between good days and not. The few pros are potent, but those cons have a lot. The faith of my heart is being moved through my hand. The struggle in my head is leaving nowhere to stand. I can’t turn around and I can’t go on so if I, so if I. If I fall, will you catch me, catch me. If I fall, will you catch me, catch me, catch me, catch me. Most times when you come near me, I say a prayer to help better prepare me. Frozen and openly perceptive, He had thought of everything except give. In between sinking and starting to rise, I’m stuck in a twilight of aura and eyes. And after the glow reveals its source, I was rattled to see you behind its force. I fell to my knees and I don’t remember falling. Encircled in the spirit, in the resin I am scrawling. Trying to jot down what the words can’t express, I can’t move my mouth and I’m trying to confess. The pictures of my life bleed through a kaleidoscope, I’m sitting on the edge of all lost hope. I can’t turn around and I can’t go on so if I, so if I.
Track Name: Bloodstream (Asa Phelps Remix)
Dodgy mentals, but the good kind of crazy, the light in the fog, when all else is hazy. Figured fables, often by the pageful, good intentions, his offered words are ageful. And by that, I mean his words will fare well, this ain’t no fairytale, not one tear fell. This here a saga and we’ll treat it as such, there ain’t no ado here, this is all much. We’re gonna do for Mother Brain, What Wu did for Shaolin, This ain’t my first attempt; I just never threw the towel in. A dose of discipline in each daily exercise, we know with each breath we’re closer to the exit prize. Get your flashlight; ninjas do it in the dark. This here is Mother Brain, consider this your first spark. Noise got that nourishment; there are vitals in his versus. And shakes’ harder, shouting blasted or curses. I feel surrounded the pressure is mounting, So many chess moves, I’m so sick of counting. I’m acting on adrenaline; survival at its best, I’d like to get another meal; I’d like to catch another rest. Every path is guarded by assassins and lost souls, it’s a journey over broken glass and hot coals. Bloodstream, you can feel it in your bloodstream. Damn Jay what kind of shit you got me running through, you better call Comanche and probably hit up hammer too. Stealth mode, we’ll creep in through the airwaves, And without em knowing we’ll give em what their ear craves. We got that full flavor, no fluff, no filler, Right through the bloodstream, it don’t get iller. Once we got em, we’ll kick em right out the speakers, and make some new disciples out of all truth seekers. Can’t get everyone, not all got their light lit, so we leave the dead so the lost souls can bite shit. An epic saga of murder and lies, Pull his card every time but our hero never dies. Orange crush came through and tried to be proficient. But they didn’t know noise was also on the mission. Break beats the same way they break bones And fly through the air like they was skipped stones. Slash and dash and then they disappear, Leaving all victims with they last flash of air. Fight to the death it was kill or be killed, but we’re always left standing when the bloodstream spilled.