Cold Chillin' - Notebook Noise & Rizzly Bear

by Notebook Noise

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On the surface I'd like you to think this song is about cold chillin'. Just below the surface I'd like you to know we enjoy pudding. If you'd like to dig in just a bit more, this song is about feeling the best you possibly can about yourself. It's about that top shelf life. Right next to the pudding.


I mean why does anybody do anything?
Yeah uh laid back like pudding.

All the right moves, b-boy stance
Sure footed, the one with the best chance
He's the hero in the montage
And you're just here bro, high in my garage
Make way for the ringleaders
The bottom feeders is real good eaters
Two seaters, they got butts in the front
Don't front, that puddings what you want
What's a shrimp to a shark in a fish tank
They both got fish farts and they shit stank
Uh Cue the Uncluded sample (please don't tap on the glass)
Another example of how the best is most ample
If your horizon is broader than your brushstroke
And your budget got you barely above broke
Well that's gun smoke, we carry and conceal
I love The Walking Dead y'all but zombies ain't real
No deal, only speak to me in meme
Had me like "what's a wish to a dream"
I'm top shelf I'm in the fridge
I'm cold chillin'
The best kind of cool, fresh new kicks
Well rounded, the one with the right picks
In that good life on that fast track
You're a forehead and a hand smack
All Homer with no Marge (Doh)
No charge your appeal ain't large
You don't barge none, you barely budge
Gotta whole lot of sludge frontin' like they fudge
What's a square (brownie) to a cold ass glassful (milk)
They both good as hell, don't act bashful
Uh cue the Snow White cut away
What a rut to stay, I'd rather find another way
If your ambition is better than your game plan
And you're still gonna bet the pot with that lame hand
Well that's a shame man, life is but a coin toss
Sometimes it's win/win otherwise it's yes boss
Adjust loss, take a little of your life ledger
How do you balance out? What's your good measure?

If the proof is in the puddin' you can suck my puddin' pop
I got puddin' on the go, get a spoon, peel the top


released May 19, 2015
Lyrics: J. Mroz aka Thaddeus James aka J. Mroose
Produced by Vin Rizzo aka Rizzly Bear
Mixed by Steve Kovacks
Artwork: Joe Sampson



all rights reserved


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