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It's not profound. It's just some cake.

Phenomenal Cake is as close to a "mixtape" as Thaddeus James would like to make. It's presented by Burt and Ruby from the lake.
It was compiled of instrumental tracks found on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Phenomenal Cake should play out like any occasion filled with slight to moderate over abundance and indulgence. That cake is going to leave you thirsty. Grab yourself some milk. The cake and the milk leave you regretful. Tell yourself "you're stupid." Bring on the loathing and remind yourself of scars accrued. Don't totally tailspin. Rally. Eat and drink more. Talk to an ethnic girl at a food court. I drive an 06 Scion square trunk named Gerty. You have to take the quicksilver with the quicksand. If I've learned anything from being an active emcee, it's that I'm too old to yolo. All I can be is brazenly humble and cautiously cocky.


released November 12, 2013

lyrics by Jeff Mroz aka Thaddeus James
recorded/mixed/mastered and additional production by Vinnie Rizzo

1. original instrumental: Ascience - Green Tea! from Fellowship by Ascience, Aud.One, Illoquence, & Rythmatical. rythmatical.bandcamp.com/track/green-tea

2. original instrumental: Funny Bunny from Glorious new era by Ogi Feel The Beat. ogifeelthebeat.bandcamp.com/track/funny-bunny

3. original instrumental: Strange World! from Fellowship by Ascience, Aud.One, Illoquence, & Rythmatical. rythmatical.bandcamp.com/track/strange-world

4. original instrumental: Priveledged Information from Spy Vs. Spy by Batsauce batsauce.bandcamp.com/track/priveledged-information

5. original instrumental: Illoquence - Fall Apart from Fellowship by Ascience, Aud.One, lloquence, & Rythmatical rythmatical.bandcamp.com/track/fall-apart

6. original instrumental: doesn't seem to be online any more but it was called Bang Bang from Cruise Control vol. 1 by Ante antehiphop.bandcamp.com

7. original instrumental: No Mockery from Melodic Deliverance by Rythmatical rythmatical.bandcamp.com/track/no-mockery

8. original instrumental: Good Old Times by Ogi Feel The Beat www.reverbnation.com/ogifeelthebeat…ource=facebook

9. original instrumental: Lay My Head To Sleep from Lorisoul - No Regrets Instrumentals by Rythmatical rythmatical.bandcamp.com/track/lay-my-head-to-sleep-2

Burt The Turtle cake made by Megan Evans




Notebook Noise Chicago

Notebook Noise is proud to present #PhenomenalCake & Giraffter Hours. All albums are FREE to download.

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Track Name: #tincanturtle by Burt the Turtle
Yeah. On some other surface area
Mother earth areola, head burrier
Cred carrier but carry no credit card
I word wonderfully, hella fit, I edit hard
I wrote this swoll’ without pants on
Feeling up words, worth romancing
Sounds handsome, I’m not the guy from Strange Tongue
A witty whale wang, the sea is where I came from
A leather back, I build beautifully
A tin-can turtle, I prehistoric youthfully
If you wanna call me just yell seven
Please, don’t call past eleven
And in the morning, don’t call before then
The early calls, I’m known to ignore them
Bars, bars, in them or on them
Your first assumption, Burt is on som’

Leatherback, I’m a mother fucking leatherback

Fuck a phone, the web and fuck a pager
I put streamers up, it’s gonna be a rager
I made punch I hope you like sherbet
“Hahahahahaha oh sure Burt” said Ruby
Ruby you’d be my favorite guest
I’d love to show you my very best
I barely rest, anxious with anticipation
But still patient, turtles know about racing
I’m not from the sewer, a ninja or a mutant
Even wise owls try and catch my two cent
I got raccoon friends I’m such a beat bandit
Hares hate on it, them haters can’t stand it
So coy and candid I’m such a sly fox
Big Burt never hits dry box
Try socks if you need your bulge bigger
I’m getting rowdy I got a punch bowl trigger
Track Name: #PhenomenalCake
Tag everything # phenomenal cake
Hella fresh with every taste you take
# bake or baked, I’m a twitter tutor
Bed down beats, I’m a much fitter suitor
In the oven with all good ingredients
Squeaky clean with a little disobedience
Rhyme strong like Chuck Norris’ chin
Bars up like I’m two songs in
Bars up like I’m holding y’all captive
I appreciate how y’all so active
Eager appetites will be the first fed
I already know what’ll be the worst said
It’s no Snares man, that’s my favorite
Dig 3 Quarter Crunk and love that strange shit
My crossover is fit with agility
I got all ages about my ability

If there were ever such a recipe
To unlock how to get the best of me
I’d be blessed to see, you in your apron
And happy to be your number one patron
Taste tester, saturated sweet tooth
Where’d I be if I never found a mic booth
A right sleuth, rock a cape for theatrics
Hella mega man, I am known to score hat tricks
Phenomenal cake, phenomenal batter
Phonetic intake, make phonetically fatter
Proportional raw rhyme, serve up substance
I flavor each word with big bite abundance
I got curmudgeons budging frowned faces
And no circumference, I am nudging found places
I got my maps badge, I’ve got directions
I’ve got them lining up for my confections
Track Name: Black Market Breast Milk ( o )( o )
It’s bars beyond, it’s barely a blip
It hits you hard before you got grip
It’s a flash of light to shook to the core
So bell rung, it couldn’t reverb more
Echo wobble, echo echo wobble wobble
Echo wobble- wobble
I’m wonky, rap raw out of a walky-talky
Hip Hop hopscotch drawn awfully chalky
Easily washed out, gone from a light rain
I wish my career was as severe as my wrist pain
Echo wobble, echo echo wobble wobble
Echo wobble- wobble
Black Market breast milk, who wants some titty
Sometimes you gotta grovel for survival
One of a thousand deaths- new arrival
Where you wallow at is bound to be what you smell like
In so much ear hole, it ain’t hard to tell right?
Echo wobble, what’s buzzing all your bees about
Echo wobble, the funk just eases out
Get that suckle, find that squeeze
Get that fungal, get that cheese
Scowl face, I always look pissed
Dickies belt buckle, ice pack wrist
If this is ride or die, I’m gonna be a cold corpse
Became be a better man, but I still got the mind warps
Black Market breast milk, who wants some titty
Echo wobble, echo echo wobble wobble
Track Name: Take The Scar
Shot down. Order up another round
Here‘s a dollar, order up a sad sound
Hum to myself all through this bar
And get away from every where you are
It’s all around me I can’t see past it
That tipping point? Well we just past it
It’s spilling over and I’m over tired
Shot down hoping to get re-wired
Second winded and possibly lifted
Out of this bullshit that’s been re-gifted
Shot down, I don’t need a chaser
Shot down, I don’t need to face her
Or the reality that there is no fixing
The chaos of these two worlds mixing
Can’t ever go back or get to where it was
Shot down can I at least have this buzz

My leap of faith, told me to take a flying leap
I went from riding high down to in it deep
Another barrier to try and push up through
Another pedestal to try and live up to
Another platform that I can’t fall from
This whole thing really turned out awesome
This whole things rut roh, I’m stuck up in a rut so
I get the nerve and start to cut slow
Remove my soul from it’s appendages
I’d rather burn it down than defend this bridge
I guess as the situation heightened
There was a small chance it might bend
The bridge would give, enough to get across
For this gain, surely we’ve considered loss
And the cost, is now the gap in between
We’ll take the scar, so long as the break is clean
Track Name: Food Court Phenomenon
Looky, looky here go a fine senorita
I cut in the buffet line, I gotta meet her
This fine little momma had some shrimp on her plate
Where’d you get that shrimp? I start to conversate
Lets have dessert girl, meet me by the soft serve
I’ll make you coffee, she said I had a lot of nerve
Taken aback by an all you can eat mack
She blushed and slid her tray down the track
Oh shit this bitch is tonging chicken wings
Looking right at me, this chick is picking strings
Food court acoustics are totally in-tune
She went and licked the mash potato serving spoon
Spilled hot gravy on the Plexiglas sneeze guard
Her sexy ass is making the fat guys wheeze hard
It was a food court frenzy, it was a food court phenomenon
Any other night I’d have the stove and the Ramen on
Edamame, broccoli and some green sauce
Casino buffet lamps shines the best gloss
For a show featuring such a fine lady face
I swear this bitch is gonna start a fire up in this place
You know that sound means the heat is on
But she ain’t leaving till the meat is gone
Buffet balling, dine for $26.99
If all goes well Imma get mine in that mighty fine

All you can eat
Track Name: Quicksand
I keep good pace with the patience
I keep good faith in what makes sense
I take the quicksilver with the quicksand
I’m only mostly too proud to use a kick stand

Hey stand me up right here I need a break please
What’s a tunnel rat got to do to make cheese
I’m in your house taking quarters from your piggy bank
My gas tank, is literally quarter tank
Looking sort of blank I match the cashiers stare
Quarters to the counter. Count them. They’re all there
He nods you’re all clear. 20 quarters on pump 5
I coast 50 miles a tank how I drive
Too live, hella-fresh hyper-miler
No skyline diviner, square trunk freestyler
It’d be wild uh? So they’ll try and tame it
They’ll try and pin it down, and they’ll try and name it
We’ll try to get it into each and every category
And have the raw reserve for the fatter story
I’m resilient with words, I adapt aptly
Rhyme brilliant on a beat, I’ll scrap happily
Special forces my endorphins hit coordinates
My blood courses in the most exploring sense
Heart to heart and in and out of chambers
Spread with the love from a thin amount of strangers
Locally to globally, worldwide grass roots
I’m openly and vocally a thunder beast with fast boots
I cover ground, I’ve found I’m determined
I listen to the earth and put words to its sermon
I confide, I’m trying to stake my own place
Get that silver spoon up to this handsome face
Upgrade. Get away from my plastic spork
Brand Thaddeus big like I Love New York
Bigger numbers and recognition
I’m trying real hard to get to the second vision
Some third eye birds eye, hold up with insight
With all the answers to make sure it ends right
Happy ending

I keep good pace with the patience
I keep good faith in what makes sense
I take the quicksilver with the quicksand
I’m only mostly too proud to use a kick stand
Track Name: Hella Mega (too old to yolo)
My time is limited, I’m worried about the dividend
Little skinny fucker, my hands are always shivering
I’m cold on the mic, cold with a pen and off the top
Scoff and stop, they rise up and then they flop
Flap jacks sponging off the maple syrup
Bring the rear up, pack the camp clean the gear up
I’ll get the kills with trap, blade and arrow
Eat to the bone and then suck out the marrow
I pick my teeth with the beak of a sparrow
And drink my whiskey straight out the barrel
Caterpillars to clean out my ear wax
Y’all the stank bunnies, I left the bear tracks
My grandfather was big foots cousin
You were on your grizzly? Nah dude you wasn’t
Your bear is minimum and that’s axiom
Notebook’s axiom is hella-mega maximum (echo)

Hella mega, hella mega maximum
Hella mega, I’m too old to yolo
But I can rap for sure thou’

If this a hot track, I must be that garbage smell?
You’re on a lot of dick, you must gargle well
I’m smoking blue dro, you’re blowing Gargamel
Your success seems to be rather marginal
That’s redundant, you carry on. I carry torches
I bust my ass, I know what reward is
This here a bad beat, her gorgeous
Light the way, brought flow to the fortress
I export this, underground resilience
Scared up, I know all about brilliance
I got the skill set and an ill sense
I got a nice ****, I only drill tens
Sorry that ones probably uncalled for
That’s exactly what I’m involved for
Same engine but y’all stalled more
The whole world is exactly what I solved for
Track Name: Brazenly Humble
If emcee’n is believing, than surely you’d be leaving
Some sort of clues for us nerds to be retrieving
You’re lost in the wind, mere dust in a gust
Unimpressive waste from a far greater thrust
You’re barely a fizzle out, let alone a blast
You don’t have the sails to cover this mast
And that’s hopeless, its why we lost focus
Those aren’t darts, those don’t even poke us
What you call going in is barely a brainstorm
Yeah I know it aint norm, but clearly I contain form
So form an opinion, I’ll attach it to my thick skin
Nod politely and then flash ya girl a quick grin
I’m brazenly humble and cautiously cocky
I’m nice and smooth and raucously rocky
Step lightly you're looking unsightly
You think I'm an asshole, then I just might be

Me and my crew got our own darn handshakes
We like the bass so the whole darn house quakes
House parties. Drinks on the strong side
Or instrumentals, big beats and a long ride
Y’all cool cats know the syntax
Hella mega, beyond gone on sick trax
I’m weirdly wired word and really raw
I’m barely tired nerd and eerily jaw
Nerves get struck, these words get rapped
Reserves get struck, these birds get tapped
Feather plucker, I feed the chickens beef
These fowl fed cows be causing me grief
They’re very delicate once on the grill
The high heat is not so kind to the kill
Charred egos get handled with care
No beef about it, we claw at and tear